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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

TIPS - To Improve Practice Skills

Tired of studying English through basic grammar practice? There are many other creative ways to practice and improve your language skills than just by using a textbook.

Many students want to find ways to improve their vocabulary. The important objective to enhancing vocabulary is not just finding new words, but actually USING them. There are many places that you can find new words. For example, through reading (not just books, but magazines or newspapers), through listening to people, through watching TV or movies, or simply by looking in your dictionary.

The key, however, to LEARNING this new vocabulary is to actually put it into practice. Therefore, try to find 3-5 new words each day and once you have figured out the meaning, USE them in your conversation throughout the day. The reality is if you do not use the new vocabulary word, you will forget it. So, LEARN it, then USE it and you will REMEMBER it !

If you would like more information on T.I.P.S for English, please email Doctor English with your questions at drenglish@vec.ca.


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