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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Do you find understanding jokes confusing? Well, don’t worry - you are not alone. Most students struggle with understanding humor. This is often because of the use of double meanings of words or phrases. See if you can figure out why this joke is supposed to be funny:)

The newlywed couple were checking into the hotel. The new groomapproached the desk clerk. He said he wanted the best for they were ontheir honeymoon. The clerk asked the man if he wanted the bridal."No," he said, "I don't believe I'll need it. I'll just grab onto her ears and hold on 'til she gets used to it."

The joke is that the clerk asked the man if he wanted the bridal. The clerk meant the “bridal suite”, which is a special room for honeymoon couples. The man understood the word bridle (which has the same pronunciation as bridal) which means the set of straps that is put around a horse’s head and mouth for the rider to control it.

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