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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Using English for business purposes can be challenging. Typically speaking business English is more formal than the language used in everyday situations. However you need to consider not only the use of the language, but also the culture when using English in a business environment

These days one of the most important forms of communication in business is email. You probably use email on a daily basis to communicate with friends and family at home, but do you feel confident using email in a business setting?

Email as a communication tool is overall less formal that a business letter, however it is important to consider your level of formality when you are emailing your boss or a client. In this case, your choice of words becomes more important for the tone of the email. Keep in mind that when you are using writing as a form of communication, your tone is not as obvious as when you are speaking and needs to be conveyed through your choice of words. Make sure to always re-read an email before sending it, because you can’t change it once its been sent.

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