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Thursday, December 08, 2005


One of the challenges of learning English is that the language changes depending on the English-speaking country in which you are in. Whether you are in Canada, the United States, England, Australia, or any of the many other countries in which English is the primary language, you will find the language changes. Not only are there distinctions in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, but there are also many cultural differences which affect how we use the language.

One the most popular sports in Canada, particularly in the winter, is Ice Hockey. Ice Hockey originated in eastern Canada in the 1800’s. The game is divided into three 20 minute periods, separated by 15-minute breaks. The periods begin with a “face-off”. Six players from each team can be on the ice at one time and their objective is to get as many goals as possible to win the game.

Here are some basic vocabulary words associated with hockey :
Puck – the round, black object that is used to score goals.
Goalie – the person who protects the goal from the puck going in.
Penalty- when someone breaks the rules of the game.
Referee- the person who blows the whistle when there is a penalty.

If you have a chance, watch a game of hockey on TV or even better, go to a live game and enjoy one of Canada’s favorite pastimes!

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